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Mental Health Therapist serving Palm Beach County, Florida


Couples Counseling

Work together to rekindle your relationship and get back to having fun love again!

Anxiety & Addiction

Anxiety and addictions can easily consume someone's life. Learn how face your problems.


Depression afflicts so many people every day. Let's talk openly in a non-judgemental way.

we are Palm Coast Therapy

We believe in the conversational style of mental health therapy. A process that is sympathetic and non-judgemental.


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"Sometimes I just need someone to talk to. Other times I need someone to help guide me. And sometimes I need that push... That's Andrea. She's forever changed my life in the most positive way."
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"Andrea’s elder care planning assistance personally provided my family with a sense of confidence and security during an otherwise overwhelming and frankly intimidating time in our lives."
Palm Coast Therapy Logo
"Andrea was someone who listened, and guided me, with such an open and approachable mindset. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will not judge, and just be there to advise, listen to, and support them."